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Apart from the most trusting of us, the first question any one of us will be asking when it comes to playing at a live casino is “Is it a safe place to play?”. If you’ve never stepped foot in an online or mobile casino before then this is only a natural thing to ask as looking after your money should be the number one priority above all else. If this is the last question you need answered before you do delve into the world of safe live casinos though then we’re sure you’ll be relieved to hear than not only are live casinos incredibly safe places to play, but you don’t even have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to make sure you’re covered either!

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In fact, the online world has come a long long way in the last decade or two with security systems getting smarter and safer as time has passed. Nowadays the government are very good at detecting when an illegal site has gone online and they will be able to shut that site down pretty much instantly. If we’re being honest we’d say you’re much more likely to go your whole life avoiding any dodgy casino then you are to run into one and it’s as good as impossible if you stick to only the top sites.

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If you do want to make sure that a site is above board and up to scratch then the only thing you need to be on the lookout for is that site’s gambling license. All safe live casinos who have one(which should be all of them) will proudly display them at the bottom of their homepage and as soon as you see that you know the place is government approved and is a trusted place to play. The reason why the government has chose to trust these places and to give them a seal of approval is because they’ve put them through incredibly rigorous tests before they allowed them to go live to the public leaving no stone unturned in the process.

When a live casino wants to get a gambling license they must first apply to the UK gambling commission as they’re who issue licenses to site’s wanting to offer games to players residing in the UK. When an application is made the first thing the commission will do is take a look at the person who’s making this application. Firstly they want to ensure the person making the application is exactly who they say they are to avoid any sort of fraud or stolen identity and so passports and the like will be checked and then double checked. If they agree this person is who they say they are they will then look at their criminal history for any illegal activity which would be an instant fail and they follow that up by looking at their financial situation to make sure they can afford all the costs that come from running a site. The last thing the applicant has to show is they have some experience in the casino industry before now as the commission want to make sure the person running it all knows exactly what they’re doing!

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If they’re happy with this the next stop on the agenda is to take a look at the casino itself starting with the programming and coding that’s been used to build it. This can be a very lengthy process and can even take months to complete but the UK gambling commission want to ensure that there will be no bugs or glitches in the software come opening day and more importantly that nothing has been added to the code that shouldn’t have been.

This is the first hurdle the safe live casino must jump and once it has the UK gambling commission will then go on to look at the site’s games and promotions that will be enticing people over. With the games they want to make sure everything is above board and completely fair for everyone taking part with random number generators and everything else that makes things fair put in place.

After this it’s the promotions themselves that will be inspected. When it comes to things like matching deposit bonuses there’s usually a playing requirement in place to stop players making a large deposit and then running away with all the money. The gambling commission wants to look after both the player and the casino by making sure the playing requirements are for a reasonable length of time and aren’t just sending you down a never ending rabbit hole.

With this check passed the only thing left to do is look to the business side of things and that is making sure the player funds and business funds are kept in separate safe accounts and that the business can’t spend any player money on anything at all. If a safe live casino is given a green light here then celebrations can be had as they have been granted a gambling license for their site. These celebrations are cut a bit short though as these licenses or only handed out for a certain length of time(usually a year), and the commission will often come in with spot checks to ensure standards are kept up to a very high standard day after day. Then as the license is about to expire the site can be retested to make sure everything is as good as new before being granted another license.

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As you can see getting a safe UK gambling license is no easy feat and so if you see a site has one you should feel pretty rest assured that they have both the means and the capabilities to run a casino in a fun and safe manner and so you can put your mind to rest and focus on having a lot of fun instead!

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